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Are Memes the New Pick-Up Lines?

What Do Memes and Pick-Up Lines Have in Common?

Older generations just don’t get it. Memes are oftentimes laughed at because they’re not taken seriously. We all know, however, that memes have quickly become the most efficient way to communicate our emotions and opinions. What is also used to communicate your emotions or opinions that is not taken seriously? Pick-up lines.

Although memes and traditional pick-up lines are similar in basic ways, memes greatly outshine pick-up lines as the best way to break the ice in today’s day and age. Regular old pick-up lines may have worked in the past, but they just no longer make the cut.

So, as so many have already discovered, using a meme instead of a pick-up line can be an excellent way to get to know someone quick and spark that new relationship!

Why Memes are the Better Choice

One could argue that memes are far superior to traditional pick-up lines. Traditional pick-up lines are normally one-sided, result in awkward conversation, and they aren’t the best at fostering a continued relationship. Using a meme instead can instantly communicate much more about your personality to someone new. Also, memes are relatable! You’ll know instantly if you share the same type of humor, which is essential to a successful relationship. Or, if you know that the individual you’re talking to loves a certain topic, you could send a related meme to show that you’re interested. They’ll likely be flattered! Many memes are usually about current events or internet phenomena, so you can bond over the related discussion. Even if you end up having a different opinion, the overall humor of the meme and respect for the boldness of sending the meme in the first place will get you farther than a regular pick-up line would.

Memes = Emotional Connection

It's addicting to send memes back and forth to someone you care about. That is why, choosing a meme as the first thing you send to a potential date is a sure way to keep the conversation rolling. The person who you send your meme to can instantly send one back in response!

Memes form inside jokes. They also aid in forming shared ideas, shared perceptions, shared jokes, and shared experiences, which are all essential to a prosperous relationship. Having healthy inside jokes is a good way to tell if your relationship is strong. Why not simply start out this way?

It's no wonder that we’re ditching the stale pick-up lines of the past for a lighthearted meme. Memes are never-ending, just like your relationships could be if you take that first step and send your favorite meme!

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