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10 Great Memes to Send to Your Match

You just joined Lafdr and after swiping on 🔥spicy🔥 memes for a bit, you get your first match! We know how exciting that feels, but please try to restrain yourself from sending that oh-so-disappointing "hey" message. Need an alternative? Send a meme instead!

The internet is a treasure trove of infinite knowledge and wisdom, so the chances that you can find a funny picture to send as the opening volley are very high indeed. We scoured Reddit's popular memes subreddit (r/MemeEconomy) and collected 10 of the funniest, naughtiest memes to catch their attention and get a conversation going.

Let's dive in.

10. “Hello”

This meme is meager step up from the infamous "hey" message, but a good stepping stone for those who aren't experienced memers. A cute cat is sure to make anyone forgive the less exciting opening line

9. “Are you Yoda? Cos Yodalicious!”

A 100% cheesy meme to break the ice. I like to think of it as a good baseline because anything to come after is sure to be less cringy.

8. "Things that I want"

Can we talk about being forward?? This meme certainly gets the point across.

7. "You: *exists*"

Regardless of whether or not you two end up with a happily ever after, this meme is surely to make your match smile.

6. "Attractions: you"

This one is a no brainer. Anyone into memes is automatically going to love this image.

5. "Don't do drugs"

There's something about a low quality image and cringy fonts that just give a meme a special flavor. This one will be sure to delight any meme lover.

4. "Working vs Talking to you"

Are you sending that first message in the 9-5 hours? This is the meme for you.

3. "I don't know how to communicate"

This one was a strong contender for #1. It really gets the point across without taking yourself to seriously.

2. "smack smack"

Doge memes are OP. Use with caution because this meme comes off STRONG.

1. "I'm glad your parents didn't use protection"

With big risk comes big reward, and I would say bringing up your match's parents in the first message is one hell of a risk.

So there you have it, 10 great memes to send your match, and I'm sure swiping on Lafdr with give you plenty of more content to start a great conversation with.

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