Frequently asked questions

Is Lafdr on Android?

Yes! We have released on android! Find us on the play store!

Is Lafdr on iOS?

Yes. Lafdr has been officially released for iOS. Find us on the app store!

What is Lafdr?

We're a dating app like many swipe based dating apps. But instead of swiping on people's profiles, you swipe on memes. We match you with people based on your meme preference.

So how do I like a meme?

Swipe right if you like the meme, or left if it was just...meh :/ Your liked memes can be found on your statistics page under the heart tab!

How do I pronounce Lafdr?

Think of it like 'laughter', but replace the 't' sound with a harder 'd' sound.

How do I match with someone?

We do it for you! The more swiping, the more matching.

Can I delete my account?

Currently, to delete your account, you must contact us. Fill out a contact form on our website and we'll get it taken care of as soon as we can - typically the next business day.

Is Lafdr only for single people?

No! Lafdr can also match you with friends. Or if you just want some memes, we have an option for that too!

Where is Lafdr available?

Currently, Lafdr is only available in the US. We have plans to expand in the coming months. Stay tuned!